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Why should I hire an attorney when I may be able to handle this legal situation by myself?

Most people do not want to spend money on professional services unless they feel they must. I know I feel that way. Before I spend my hard earned cash on a professional carpenter or electrician or plumber for a home project, I have often tried to first take care of things myself.

After 30 years as a Do-it-myself homeowner/Full-time Attorney, I am finally ready to admit that when acting alone on home repairs I often make things worse, especially for the more complicated projects. The truth is, it is usually cost effective to seek help for complicated legal matters from an Attorney who has more specialized knowledge and experience than you in a legal area. In fact, whether it involves a Divorce or Family Law issue, or a Business Problem, a serious Accident Injury, or a Criminal Defense matter, most people usually regret it later when they “go it alone.”

Unfortunately, I have seen time and again that there is a great deal of truth in the old saying, “The person who represents themself in Court has a fool for a client.” Don’t make the mistake of making a bad situation worse by trying to resolve your legal problem by yourself. The Law Offices of Patrick L. Goss is here to help people like you successfully deal with difficult legal challenges.

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