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Why do fees differ among attorneys?

Our law firm represents seriously injured accident victims on a contingency fee basis under guidelines approved by the Florida Bar.

This means the client pays no attorney fees unless and until a financial recovery is made on the client’s behalf by our law firm.

The contingency fee is sometimes referred to as “the poor man’s key to the courthouse.” Regardless of how rich or poor an accident victim may be, we believe in the contingency fee arrangement for personal injury cases as it keeps both our law firm and our accident victim client working together toward the largest possible financial recovery for our client.

For other types of legal matters, fees differ among attorneys based upon the qualifications and experience of the law firm you retain, as well as the type of legal matter for which you have sought assistance. The Law Offices of Patrick L. Goss has over 30 years of legal experience in helping people successfully resolve Divorce and Family Law issues, as well as working with individuals and companies in solving Business Law and Commercial Litigation disputes, and obtaining the best possible outcomes on Criminal Defense cases.

These are practice areas in which we work with our Clients on a reasonable and affordable billing rate based on our extensive qualifications and experience. The applicable billing rate and fee retainer will be discussed at our initial office meeting. You certainly understand that our Law Firm cannot accept every person’s case.

Although our Law Firm bills lower fees than most other South Florida law firms with equivalent qualifications and experience, we understand that not everyone can afford to hire a quality law firm to assist them. You can rest assured that our Law Firm prefers to work only with high quality clients and meritorious cases.

If we cannot accept your case when we first meet, we ordinarily try to find someone else for you to whom we may refer. However, if you are a quality individual with a meritorious case, it is certainly our hope we are able to accept you as a new client.

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