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Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Miami FL

Slip and Falls and the Danger of Social Media

       It would be wonderful if all Slip and Fall accident victims represented by GOSS LAW could have success stories like the $90,000 Slip and Fall Claim recovery for a woman who suffered various injuries after she tripped over an object in a walkway. Or, the $250,000 Slip and Fall Claim recovery for a client who suffered arm and shoulder injuries after falling due to lack of lighting in a shopping mall parking garage.

      The truth is that accident injury case results vary and are determined largely by the issues of Liability, Damages, and Insurance.

        However, there is another issue affecting case success and one that arises all too frequently in these days of living our lives online. That is the Danger of Social Media.

     When someone is seriously injured in an accident, they often feel like their world has fallen apart. They experience severe pain, physical restrictions, financial loss, and worry.

      It’s only human nature to want to reach out on social media and tell others about their accident and what they are experiencing. These accident victims need to be informed that the words and pictures posted after their accident can come back to haunt them.

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     Accident victims might publicly post their versions of how the accident happened and who was at fault. They may vent about their medical care or try to assure friends and family

their injuries are not severe. Other times they will post smiling pictures of them self as they recover and are able to physically do more things.

     For insurance claims investigators and insurance defense attorneys, these postings can provide the defense ammunition to minimize someone’s injuries or even destroy an accident victim’s legitimate claim for fair money compensation.

     The best advice is for an accident victim to delete ALL their social media accounts before bringing any claim for financial compensation.

     At the very least, they should restrict access to their social media to close friends and family. Privacy settings should be set to friends only and closed to public view. Those who make a claim for accident injury financial compensation should not grant any new “friend” request unless they personally know the individual.

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     Please feel free to share this information not only with slip and fall accident victims, but also with anyone who could benefit from learning about the danger of social media while seeking fair money compensation for their accident injuries.

     Thank you for becoming more informed and please contact GOSS LAW if we may be of further assistance. At GOSS LAW we have been helping accident victims for 40 years.