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Miami Car Accident Lawyer

No Recovery, No Fee. But What Does That Really Mean?

       What happens when you are injured in an accident and you retain an attorney who represents you through a trial, but a jury finds you were at fault and awards you nothing. Do you owe your attorney any money?

     Or, let’s say you sign up with an attorney but after a time she decides your accident  case isn’t worth pursuing and she withdraws from your case. Do you owe your attorney for the time she worked on your case?

Auto Accident Lawyer Miami FL

Before we answer those questions, let’s talk about a couple of actual cases where the outcomes were very different. When they first came to GOSS LAW these clients wanted to know if there wasn’t a money recovery in their case, what would happen?

      Goss Law Success Stories – We had a very happy client after a $93,750 (NINETY-THREE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS) Car Accident Claim recovery for a woman whose car was struck at an intersection and whose MRI results helped establish neck and lower back injury.

    We had another extremely happy client after a $110,000 (ONE HUNDRED TEN THOUSAND) Car Accident Claim recovery for a retired man walking his dog on the sidewalk and struck by a neighbor’s vehicle backing out of the driveway.

      These real clients both knew the policy of GOSS LAW for an accident victim case is NO FEE IF NO RECOVERY. In other words, they knew that their attorney fees for legal representation would be zero if there was no financial recovery for their accident injuries.

     These car accident victims knew they would have EXPERIENCED LEGAL REPRESENTATION on a contingency Attorney fee arrangement. Again, that means NO FEE IF NO RECOVERY. 

     The contingency fee has been referred to as “The poor man’s key to the courthouse.”  The contingency fee allows accident victims access to the legal system regardless of their financial circumstances. The contingency fee makes sure the goal of the accident victim and the goal of the lawyer for a good case result are the same. 

       To answer the questions first asked as to whether the hypothetical clients would owe money if there was no financial recovery, the answer is that they would owe nothing to their own attorney if they had a contingency fee agreement. In the first hypothetical where the jury found for the defendant, the plaintiff may be responsible for the defendant’s attorney fees and costs.

     While the GOSS LAW clients in the actual cases were very pleased with the end results, they also became aware that the auto liability insurance system is not set up to fairly compensate accident victims UNLESS THEY HAVE SOMEONE FIGHTING FOR THEM. The liable insurance companies in both these success stories OFFERED NOTHING TO THE VICTIMS until GOSS LAW became their attorney.

     Insurance companies can have their representatives contact accident victims immediately after an accident. Fortunately in these success story cases, the accident victims were already familiar with GOSS LAW and called our law firm BEFORE talking to the liable insurance companies.

     Insurance company representatives will gather any evidence they can, INCLUDING STATEMENTS OF THE ACCIDENT VICTIM, to pay as little as possible in compensation to the accident victim.  IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO TALK TO INSURANCE REPRESENTATIVES about your accident until you FIRST TALK TO YOUR OWN LAWYER.

Auto Injury Lawyer In Miami Florida

      Please keep in mind this one simple fact as to how insurance companies become so rich. Insurance companies become wealthy by collecting big insurance premiums from their customers and investing that money. When it comes time to pay out some of that money on an accident injury claim, the auto liability insurance company will pay as little as possible.  The auto liability insurance  company formula is:

1) Collect as much money as possible and invest it, and

2) Pay out as little as possible in claims!

     So while a contingency fee agreement is a great way to have a quality  attorney without having to pay upfront fees, what kind of attorney should an accident victim look for?

      An accident victim should look for a personal injury attorney with lots of experience. An accident victim is also going to want a law firm that provides hands on personal attention to their case. Finally, an accident victim should look for an attorney with a proven track record of success.

      GOSS LAW has been helping accident victims for 40 years. If you are looking for a car accident lawyer with EXPERIENCE, GOSS LAW IS AMONG THE MOST EXPERIENCED.

Car Accident Lawyer Near Me

      GOSS LAW is a small law firm that achieves BIG RESULTS with OUTSTANDING PERSONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE for each Client. Our individual attention to clients makes us worthy of calling ourselves a “PERSONAL”  INJURY law firm. You should beware of large “Impersonal” Injury firms where accident victims may become just one more case.

      GOSS LAW has a number of Success Stories and a PROVEN TRACK RECORD over many years. YOUR FINANCIAL RECOVERY is important for our success as well as yours.

     Put together 40+ Years of Experience; true “Personal” Injury attention to each client; and a proven track record of Money recovery for deserving car accident victims; and there can be only one conclusion. Yes, GOSS LAW IS DIFFERENT from other Personal Injury law firms and the clear choice as your Car Accident Lawyer!