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Cruise Line Claims Attorney Miami FL

A beautiful coral Reef and the calm of the ocean make you think of booking a cruise. The travel, the food, and the fun are all things to associate with booking a cruise. But what if your cruise experience or that of someone with you is interrupted by a serious injury or illness caused by the cruise lines carelessness? In fact, what if you seek medical treatment on board and the staff causes your condition or that of someone with you to become worse? What should you do?

And just as importantly, how should you do it? Falls, sickness, physical attacks, and other serious injuries suffered by passengers due to the cruise lines’ carelessness are governed by different rules than those on land. These rules are restricted as to where you must submit your legal claim and the time limit is very short. 

Miami Cruise Ship Accident Attorney

The cruise passenger’s ticket package will usually state that legal claims must be brought to locations where the Cruise Lines headquarters and their larger ports are located, such as Miami.

Every case will be different, yet Goss Law was successful in a $75,000 Cruise Line Claim recovery for a passenger on a cruise ship who suffered neck and back injuries after falling on a wet surface.

There are very important time limits for submitting your initial written notice of injury and legal claim in a cruise line case. Ordinarily you only have SIX MONTHS from the date you were injured to submit your claim, SO ACT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Assuming your claim was timely submitted within six months, a Lawsuit must ordinarily be filed in federal court within one year from the date of the Injury caused by the cruise line.

Cruise Line Accident Lawyer Near Me

Federal Appellate case law now allows medical malpractice claims against cruise lines. This means that cruise lines are now also responsible for their negligent onboard healthcare that results in harm to their passengers. 

If you or someone you know suffered from serious injury or illness because of a cruise line’s carelessness, be sure to speak as soon as possible to a law firm with experience in cruise line claims.