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A Brief Overview of Passenger Injury in an Accident

Being injured in a car accident as a passenger can be especially traumatic. One minute you’re browsing through your Facebook feed, checking your Google Calendar for today’s meeting time, or even enjoying a long-overdue nap. The next, the car you’re riding in is in the ditch or crushed against a concrete divider and you’re seriously injured.

When you’re hurt in a car accident, you have the right to pursue compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses. In this blog, we’ll explain how passenger car accident claims are pursued and how a personal injury attorney can help.

How Passenger Claims Work

Unlike drivers, passengers who file a personal injury claim don’t generally have to wade through liability issues. Once the at-fault driver is identified, you can file a claim against their insurance policy and recover compensation for damages up to the policy limits. 

When more than one driver is determined to be a fault, you can file claims against their insurance policies, but the amount you receive from each insurer will depend on the covered driver’s degree of fault. For example, if one party is found to be 70% at fault for the accident, their insurance will cover 70% of the value of your claim, while the remaining 30% is paid by the other driver’s insurer.

Where it can get especially complicated is when the accident is caused by the driver of the car you were riding in. If they are a member of your household, such as a spouse, you will want to check your policy, as many insurers include provisions that exclude coverage if you are injured by a driver who is also a household member. 

If you opted for medical payments coverage (Med Pay) under your own car insurance policy, it will cover your medical bills up to the amount specified if you are hurt in a car accident. You can make a Med Pay claim against your own policy in addition to the driver’s, even if your car wasn’t involved in the collision.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney Today

When you’ve been in a car accident that has left you in severe pain and facing the prospect of a long, expensive recovery, the last thing you feel prepared to do is deal with insurance companies that may try to downplay liability or reduce your claim. At Goss Law, we know what you are entitled to and what’s at stake, and will refuse to settle for less than what you need to recover and rebuild your future. While we can only take on the most meritorious cases, we encourage anyone who has been injured to come talk to us so we can decide if you’re a good fit for our firm and, if not, point you in the right direction. For more information or to schedule a free case evaluation, contact us.

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