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7 Tips for Defensive Driving

The hardest thing about driving is that the people around you are as much in control of your fate as you are. Each vehicle has only one driver, but that driver is forced to collaborate with every other driver on the road to ensure each other’s safety. As anyone who has been in a car accident can testify, it just as often as not has nothing to do with you.

This random element is frustrating, but it does not mean that you are helpless. Defensive driving is a great practice to get into to allow yourself to be proactive against accidents that may be coming your way. It gives you an active task while driving to protect yourself, your passengers, and all those around you. Here are our 7 tips for defensive driving:

Buckle Up! The first and simplest tip, and yet the most important! Buckling up every single time, whether you’re just moving to another parking spot or driving across town, is the best way to protect yourself while driving. No exceptions.

Focus Up. Distractions come in many forms. They can be as negligent as texting while driving or as innocent as looking at a billboard. The effect from all distractions is the same: taking your focus off of the road and opening yourself up to be vulnerable. Keep not just your eyes but also your mind on the road!

Think the Worst of Others. This is advice we would never give in another situation, but on the road, it is safe to assume the worst of others. Give them space and give them more than enough time to see your turn signal. Defensive driving means treating others like they don’t know how to drive so you can protect yourself from accidents that have yet to happen.

Forgive and Forget. Road rage is real. Take a deep breath and don’t retaliate when someone makes a reckless driving move and puts you in danger. Forgetting it and moving on is the best defense for you in the long run.

Brake Early. Try to avoid braking quickly or unexpectedly. When you see a stop coming, brake early and slowly instead of only at the absolute last second you think you can.

Keep Your Distance. One of the best defensive actions you can take is putting distance between yourself and others on the road. This allows you to be protected from others that may slam on the brakes unexpectedly or get into accidents around you. Riding another vehicle’s tail can only mean bad news for you.

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings. Focusing on the drive does not mean only looking forward into the distance at every moment. Maintaining an awareness of your surroundings and those around you is a great practice to get into. Be aware of the lanes surrounding you and those who are merging into them at all times.

Defensive driving is the best practice to keep yourself and others safe on the road! If you have been injured in a vehicular accident, get the recovery you deserve. Contact Goss Law today to speak to a law firm who will stand up to the insurance companies and look out for you.

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